Best of International Women’s Day 2017 Poems

Happy Women’s Day 2017 Poems

During this International Women’s Day, dedicate these Happy Women’s Day Poems to these remarkable women who established themselves on their own.

The Women’s Day is celebrated to display our gratitude to those women who have made the world a place where love exists. They stood the ground with firm steps during the fight against gender inequality, injustice to the women. International Women’s Day is mainly has become the reason to celebrate and motivate the women in Socio-cultural background. Happy Women’s Day Poems helps you to realize your worth through these lyrics.

 Women's day poem
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International Women’s Day Poems for HER

In addition to the speeches and the Quotes, you can also get these inspiring poems for dedicating it to all the ladies you admire. Therefore, it will be the token of the appreciation for HER.

  • It’s the day when you celebrate,
    It’s the day when you need to give the thought
    For all things that this world has done for you.
    With the charismatic color of pink
Women's day Poems
Exclusive Women’s day Poems
  • She gave a life and she is a wife.
    She is also a friend, sister and mother as well.
    At the end, She is everything and a survivor too.
happy women's day poems
women’s day poems for HER
  • She works, cooks and cleans all time.
    She laughs, provides comfort, but hides her own pain.
    When you feel the pain and struggles, she pulls you
Poems of Happy Women's Day
Awesome Women’s Day Poems
  • Today is a celebration for all the women around the world,
    Ladies who dream big, from the time they were little girls.
    For all the diversity that lies in a feminine heart,
    for all the courage that prevents us falling apart.
Happy Women's Day poems
Mind-blowing Women’s Day Poem
  • We can easily raise families and run businesses,
    Ladies; you should now stand up and be counted
Poems on Women's Day
Fantastic Poems on Women’s Day
  • Smile at how far the world have come
    Cherish every day, as a daughter, as a wife, and mum.

These poems are not only depicts the enormous strength and power but also highlighted the goodness of being a women with pride and smile.

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