International Women’s Day Best Recipe

Women’s Day Recipes

In this International Women’s Day, celebrate your day with these specially discovered Women’s Day Recipes that we have presented to you. Get the enriched tastes of these dishes and forget all the worries when the rich flavor bursts into the mouth. Try these now at your sweet loving home in this Women’s Day.

Cup Chocolate Cake (Microwave)

Women's Day Cake Recipe
Excellent Women’s day recipe

Think beyond the normal cakes and hot cocoa to fill your cup and taste bud with enriched flavor of whipped-cream topped cake made of chocolate. This dessert is the best for parties and get-together.

Yogurt Sauce and Roasted Broccoli with Spiced Salmon

Women's Day Salmon Recipe
Delicious Women’s day Recipe

In this spicy recipe, salmon is used to give the platter a tangy and zesty taste. It is presented with yogurt dipping sauce for making it more or less spiced up and WOW.

Lemon and Leek Linguine

Women's Day Pasta Recipe
Finger licking Women’s Day Recipe

This whole-wheat pasta recipe is the heaven for the foodies. In addition to it, We can taste this that bursts awesome flavors of lemon zest, tasty leeks, and a magical sprinkle of basil and garlic.

Apple and Balsamic Chicken in addition to Lentil and Spinach Salad

Women's Day Apple-Chicken Recipe
Delectable Women’s Day Recipe

This dish is flavorful and heart healthy thanks to the healthy ingredients. Tart balsamic chicken and crunchy salad gives your mouth a awesome experience. The salad is made with lemon juice, green apple and the celery.

Pepper, Cheddar, and Avocado Scrambled Eggs

Women's Day Scrambled Egg Recipe
Awesome Women’s day Recipe

Try this exquisite experiment that is loaded with scrambled eggs. In addition to the sharp cheddar, creamy taste of avocado makes it special.

Butternut Squash and Turmeric Soup

Women's Day Soup Recipe
Women’s Day Mouth watering Recipe

Coconut milk and the Butternut make this squash soup a unique and rich recipe full with flavor.

Roasted Shrimp & White Beans

Women's Day Shrimp Recipe
Tasty Women’s Day Recipe of Shrimp

Creamy white beans and Shrimp — simple yet most noteworthy dinner recipe with a tinge of uniqueness.

Fried Rice in Mediterranean Style

Women's Day Mediterian Recipe
Women’s Day Fried Rice Recipe

Catch up with the Mediterranean Style with Asian spin.

Fajita Salad in addition with Charred Jalapeño Dressing

Women's Day Salad Recipe

Add kick of Spice in your typical salads In addition to the zesty dressing that tastes almost heavenly.

Mango and Black Bean Salsa With Shrimp Tacos

Women's Day taco Recipe
Lip smacking Women’s day recipe

This delicious Taco recipe definitely waters the mouth and make your daily awesome.

Berries in Red Wine

Women's Day wine Recipe
Women’s day flavorful recipe

Berries and the Red Wine- Due to the opposite combination make your dish out of the box.

Taste these sumptuous dishes and let the flavor bring smile on the face of you and your family.

Sources are taken from: womansday

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