Celebrating International Women’s Day 2017

History of International Women’s Day

The significance of a Women at first came to light a century back when the deprived women of New York stand upright and fight for their own rights. From the day onward, the existence of women has got importance in the world and acknowledged Women as the significant part of society. The first spark of the International Women’s Movement was observed on 28th February 1909. It was the time when the United States celebrated the first ever National Woman’s day.

This movement is the starting page of the history of the International Women’s Day, we celebrate on 8th of March. The movement at first took place in 1908 when the women garment workers have raised voice against the repressive working conditions. The issues were like poor pay package, unequal behavior, and others. Socialist Party of America specified Women’s Day/Lady Day on 28th of February in honor of the women who fought against the injustice. 

International Women's Day History
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The first International Women’s Day

First of all, the International Women’s Day observed in the countries like Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland. This Happy Women’s Day started to celebrate on 19th of March in 1911. The decision to solemnize the date of the International Women’s Day was taken in the year 1910. In the following year, more than a million numbers of women and men attended rallies.

They came to demand the women’s right to work, to get the vocational training and many more. Apart from this, they have come up with the issue to stop undiscriminating behavior in jobs.  Another issue they focus on is the right to vote and holding public office.

Women's day Creative Image
Women’s day Creative Image

Last Sunday of February, until the year 1913 was commemorated as National Women’s Day in the United States. If we talk about the date of recently celebrated International Women’s Day, we have to look back in the backdrop of World War I when the Russian women have started campaigning for peace. That time, the last Sunday of February falls on 8th of March that was calculated as per the Gregorian calendar. 

Significance of International Women’s Day

The fruit of the  women’s fight for their rights is their growth in social life and the contribution in International women’s movement. This most noteworthy fight gave birth of the thought of equality to women. In 1945, the UN Charter signed the first international agreement that asserted equality in between women and men. These finally let the women stand on their feet and get their rights to live. 

United Nations and its agencies promoted the women’s involvement to achieve peace, growth, security, and respect equal to their men counterparts. 1975 is selected as the International Women’s Year and gave official sanction.  The empowerment of Women prevails to be a significant feature of the United Nation’s efforts. This is remarkable to attain the recognition in the social, political, economic sectors throughout the world.

Lady Day 2017
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In conclusion, we can finally say that these important events have changed the scenario. Therefore, the position of Women and their rights is also achieved. Furthermore, we can say that probably it just starting and more or less, we have to still fight for us.

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